NEW! KallOut - Accelerators for Firefox is now available for Mac, PC and Linux as a standalone Firefox Add-on. Get it Now »
Take two minutes and install KallOut
Follow the instructions below to install KallOut on your computer

1. Start the KallOut download

If the download does not begin automatically, press the button above.
Please contact us if you run into any problems during installation.

2. Run the KallOutSetup.exe application

A window will open asking what you want to do with a file called KallOutSetup.exe.
You might see a confirmation message, asking if you’re sure you want to run this
software. Click ‘Run’ again.

3. Follow the KallOut Setup Wizard

When the download has finished, the KallOut Setup Wizard will
appear and guide you through the rest of the installation.

4. Enjoy using KallOut!

Use KallOut to select any word or phrase you want to know more about
inside Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or on any webpage.

Problems with your download?

We can help! Please send an email to so that we can work to solve your problem and continue to improve the product.