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KallOut Brings Web Search Inside Office Documents, Notepad, etc.

KallOut is simply brilliant. It's a tiny Windows utility that integrates web search inside Microsoft Office documents, Outlook email, text files opened in Notepad or even PDF files that you may be reading inside Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Search The Web From Within Outlook, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and More With Kallout

KallOut is a very handy utility that will save you several trips between the browser and the application you are using, by providing you with an easy way to search for any highlighted keywords, or locations using popular search resources.

KallOut - Search Redefined! :: Technology Nerd

KallOut actually reduces your search time. Not that Firefox, flock and mozilla did not have extensions which did this but KallOut does it with much more smartness and also provides support for many more applications than just Mozilla based browsers.

KallOut Searches the Web from Any Application

KallOut embeds searches for Google, Yahoo, Windows Live Search, Wikipedia, Dictionary.com, IMDB, Amazon, Craiglist, eBay, Flickr, YouTube, Metacafe, Google Maps, Virtual Earth, and dozens more...

KallOut.com - The New Way to Search

Not having to open up a new browser tab to search definitely saves a lot of time and hassle when wanting more information within texts. KallOut is easy to use and offers users the ability to store their different palettes in custom docks...

KallOut adds context-sensitive search to any Windows app

It's completely unobtrusive yet there when you need it. If you do a lot of Web searches based on things you read while surfing, or need reference works while you're writing, I recommend it. It's a good tool.

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Les meilleurs gratuiciels » KallOut

French Blogger states that "I was seduced by KallOut.This freeware can make several types of research on the Internet from different applications(Firefox, Internet Explorer, Word, Excel, Notepad, etc.).."

倍速資訊搜尋!改變你的搜尋習慣,讓Kallout幫你用滑鼠一手搞定40種網路搜尋 | ㊣軟體玩家

Video review of KallOut from a Chinese blogger with screen shots of Chinese sites.

ITnews - Поиск, не выходя из MS Office

"It seems to me that it is quite an interesting application... It is the ability to search without leaving applications such as MS Office and PDF (so far only Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.9 is supported) calls for a special thanks to the developers." - Translated from Russian

KallOut (Beta)] 웹 브라우저와 MS Office에 통합되는 정보 검색 기능

YouTube video review of KallOut from a Korean blogger with screen shots of Korean Sites.


Review of KallOut from a Japanese blogger with screen shots of Japanese Sites.
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