About Us

"It's better to have information adjacent in space than stacked in time." -  Edward Tufte

KallOut’s mission is to deliver the most compelling search experiences for our customers around the world.

To accomplish this, KallOut invented the world’s first “selection-based search” system. By seamlessly integrating with the most popular applications, KallOut is able to deliver results in the context of any e-mail, document, presentation, spreadsheet or web page. In addition, KallOut offers BestGuess™ menu suggestions that are based on both detailed analysis of the text selected and the “wisdom of crowds” as expressed by other users' choices.

Unlike other “browser-based search” systems that are trapped inside the browser, KallOut displays content from the most popular sites on the web inside floating information palettes. These KallOuts offer fast access to Google Maps, Wikipedia Articles, YouTube Videos, Flickr Photos, Amazon Products, Yahoo News and many more great search results from the best sites on the web.

KallOut, Inc. is a Delaware corporation that was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Monterey, CA.